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I interviewed Free State Project president Matt Philips at Anarchapulco on my show Free Talk Live last month and some people didn’t understand it.OTOH, without much of a manufacturing or service base, I think the econonmy probably is dominated by extractive industries such as mining and ranching.Doing so would be usurping the legislative power, both from the US Congress and the Florida Legislature.The Library of Congress > Law Library > Find Legal Resources > Databases & eResources. Free Access: Avalon Project. U.S. Department of State site presenting.The Free Thought Project is a hub for Free Thinking conversations about the promotion of liberty and the daunting task of government accountability.The only time accidents on the Autobahn are fatal is when you strick a tree.I hope New Hampshire becomes the freeest and most prosperous state in the nation.Those who have tried on a much smaller basis (Ruby Ridge and Pine Ridge) are either dead or in prison.

What happened to discussion of the Free State Project? Ignore gene and he will go back to reading the New York Times. Re: The Free State Project (split).It also forced EVERY state in the US to adopt 21 as the minimum drinking age.For the MAJOR changes they want, the rest of the population would actually vote to put down their little rebellion.Remember that in the constitution, it is stated that no citizen shall be denied equal protection of rights, and importantly, that federal law is supreme when Congress speaks to a question of law (trumping state law).Free State Project Crosses 90 Percent Threshold, Gets Closer To Triggering Mass Move to NH Over 18,000 people have pledged to move to New Hampshire and fight for.If the election was not certified in time to hand the list of electors off to the Fed by a particular date, there were two choices left.It is only possible to use the position tip the scales over from one popular position to another - it is not possible to push through an independent and controverisal agenda.

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How are you going to find 20k people who always agree 100% on all of the issues listed on the website, will unanimously agree on all unforseen issues that will come up in the future, and will diligently vote on every single issue, achieving an unheard of 100% voter turnout rate.The Free State Project (FSP) is a nonprofit corporation with a mission statement of creating "a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of.Define Free State. Free State. like that but you have to admit there was little free after the Irish Free State was set. Free State Project; Free State.

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Without this, urban States would tend to act cavalierly toward resources not in their domain.UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT AND THE FREE STATE PROJECT By Jason Sorens Friday, October 21, 2005 [This is the text of a speech I gave to an audience of twenty students and.

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Then we will negotiate directly with the federal government for more autonomy.I thought that was intended as more of a refugee camp type of thing.

And most cars that you buy that go that fast can actually handle the accident well.The FSP, by working against government control of farmers and rural America, would remove the need for government subsidy of the same.Search America's historic newspaper pages from 1789-1949 or use the U.S. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present.The Free State Project ( FSP ) is a proposed political migration, founded in 2001, to recruit at least 20,000 libertarians to move to a single low-population state.I see street-sweeping, electricity, etc. as one of the reasons for government.For example, Vermont recognizes Civil Unions between homosexual couples and the state uses an inovative and effecitve plan buy perscription drugs at reduced cost (also known as Canada). 3 Enviromentally friendly state. 4 Large producer of high quality pot.Additionally, the majority stated that a recount that showed Bush not winning might tarnish his victory.

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It was not Washington and the Colonial army alone that defeated the British, it was the French Navy and Army with the Colonial army that defeated the British.That would make it impossible for the Feds to claim jurisdiction or legal applicability.The Libertarian Enterprise electronic magazine, Number 265, April 4, 2004 - The Free State Project, by L. Neil Smith.So the Supremes took the minimum-waves course, spiked the intervention by the Florida Judicial branch, and with the decision of the duly-chosen Florida Executive branch official, who had operated by the laws in force during the election.Of course, Vermont is currently doing quite well, some othere states could use this groups efforts quite a bit more.I would consider moving there rather than some desolate wasteland.

< Talk:Free State Project. This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one,.This is another good reason for having States represented equally in the Senate, and counting toward EC electors.

The Free State Project announced today that it has achieved the threshold of 20,000 pledges to move to New Hampshire in hopes of creating a more libertarian.The Free State Project is an amazing idea and concept that is just now coming to life.

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The reason that this is often the case is that the two parties often have very similar agendas.The Economist covers the Free State Project: “…Still, Ms Gericke hopes that are (sic) allies on the way. Pledge-signers have e-mailed to say that their homes are.

You need to realize that our bicameral legislature is a compromise between these two views.

I wonder if they will get it figured out before the tanks roll into their compound.They had a lot more people interested than a mere 20,000 or so, an existing infrastructure, a cause supported at least in theory by the majority, a cultural identity, and the best Army officers.The Free State Project (FSP) is a proposed political migration, founded in 2001, to recruit at least 20,000 libertarians to move to a single low-population state (New.Note how the corporations involved were never involved with private armies and never used violence.

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